Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is LetsPlay.Live (LPL)?

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Who works at LPL?

A small but mighty group of passionate admins, HQ office staff, and volunteers operate our ladders and moderate our channels. Click here to apply to become a volunteer LPL Admin.

What are ladders?

Ladders are the brackets in which individual players or teams are ranked in a particular tournament. These ladder standings will update after every match played in a tournament. Individual players/teams are able to rise up and down the ladders and divisions based on their performances.

What do the divisions mean?

Divisions (Open, Amateur, Evolution, Challenger and Pro) are our unique tiers of play.

The Open Division is a free-to-play division and a great way to try out the LPL Platform and competitive esports.

The Amateur Division is for users looking to play in a more competitive environment.

The Evolution, Challenger and Pro Divisions are invite-only divisions for the most premier esports teams. Players have the ability to “rank up” their division based on their end-of-season placements in the previous season.

Typically, the Top 4-8 players from lower Divisions will be invited to compete for a place in top-tier divisions at the end of each season. This varies from game to game, and up-to-date information can be found on the Event pages.

What are "Seasons"?

LPL holds three main seasons within a single calendar year. Each season will include 8-10 weeks of competitive gaming, with relegations being played before the following season commences to determine Division placements.

Where can I go for the latest updates?

Follow us on social media for all our latest updates and broadcast schedule!

LPL Twitter:

Twitch Channels
LPL Main:
LPL Play:
LPL Dota 2:

The game I want to play isn’t supported by LPL, why don’t you do x tournament?

If the game you want to play isn’t currently supported by LPL, leave us a support ticket: Keep an eye on our social media pages for title announcements each season.

What games do you support?

You can view the games we currently support on the LPL Platform by going here: These titles can change throughout the year.


Where can I find the rulesets for LPL tournaments?

Each tournament ruleset varies from game to game and division to division. They can be found in [ Play ] > [ Selected Game ] > [ Rules ].

I’m in an Elo formatted division, how do I get assigned a match?

For Elo formatted divisions, you must select your preferred match times every week by clicking ‘Update Match Times’ under your Team Settings. Once saved, the website will auto-assign matches against teams that have also selected the same preferred match times. You will receive an email notification once you have been assigned a match. You can play a maximum of 3 games per week.

How do I communicate with my opponent?

You can communicate with your opponent via your assigned match page.

Will anyone else see my match page?

No, only LPL Admins and teams involved can view the match page.

How do I report scores after my match?

You can report scores for your match via your Match Page.

I have a game dispute! Where can I go to get this sorted?

For disputes, please submit one support ticket per dispute. Explain your side of the story in full and submit any proof (eg. screenshots, etc) you have.

For specific games such as CSGO, you will have to dispute on the respective match page as well in order to alert the other team, if you don’t do this within 24 hours of match completion your dispute will be invalidated.


Where do I go to register a LetsPlay.Live account?

You can register here: and creating an account is FREE.

How do I add gamertags to my account?

In the top-right corner of the website, click on your username. Scroll down on the Overview page to “Game IDs” and click “Edit IDs”

How do I link my Steam Account to LPL?

You can link your Steam Account to your LPL Account by going here: and logging into Steam.

How am I paid my prize money?

Upon your tournament's conclusion, LPL Admins will distribute ‘LPL Credits’ to your account. You will receive an email notification notifying you that you have LPL Credits waiting for your withdrawal.

How do I withdraw prize money from my LPL account?

You can withdraw LPL Credits by going to [ Account Settings ] under your profile. If you are withdrawing LPL Credits for the first time, please ensure you have saved your payment details in [ Withdrawal Settings ] and linking your Mobile Number here:

We currently offer withdrawal via Bank Deposit and Paypal.

How long will my prize money take to arrive in my bank account?

This can take anywhere from 14 days - 1 month. If you have not received your prize money within one month since the date of your withdrawal, please create a support ticket:


How much does an LPL Premium membership cost?

Premium membership costs $14.99 AUD per month.

How do I subscribe to LPL Premium?

To subscribe to LPL Premium you will need to head to:

Please note, when you subscribe auto-renewal is on and is non-refundable. To cancel this, go to:

What are the benefits of subscribing to LPL?

- Compete as an individual player or as part of a team in tournaments ranging from Amateur to Pro League level
- Bigger prizes
- Compete with players on your skill level & climb the ranks
- Amateur players/teams have the opportunities to qualify up through Evolution, Challenger and Pro divisions in certain tournaments
- Scout for teams looking for players to rank up & compete within higher divisions. Subscribers automatically become eligible to enter tournaments if they switch to a qualifying team.

I can’t participate in an LPL tournament due to x reasons, can I receive a refund?

Subscription payments are non-refundable but users may receive a refund should the terms be met. You can view the Terms here:

I’ve got an LPL Gift Card (epay)! How can I redeem this?

You can redeem LPL Gift Cards for LPL Premium subscriptions, you can go here to redeem your card:

Please note that LPL Gift Cards are bound by the terms:


When can I register?

You can register to any Open Division at any time as it is an open ladder. For Amateur & other divisions, keep an eye on our socials for when we open up sign ups in the new season!

How do I register to a tournament and create a team?

To register for a tournament you first need to decide which tournament you want to register for.

Go to the ‘Play’ tab and select the game you would like to play in, navigate to the tournament of your choice by clicking ‘View ladder’ and click ‘Register Now’. Type in your team name and hit ‘Create Team’. If you are participating in a single player tournament, you are still required to create your team.

Help! I can’t register to Pro, Challenger and Evolution tournaments! How do I register in them?

New LPL users can only participate in Open (free) or Amateur Divisions (LPL Subscription required). To play in Pro, Challenger, and Evolution Divisions, you must qualify through previous Divisions. (See: What do the Divisions mean?)

How do I add players to my team?

You can add players by going to your ‘Team Settings’ after creating a team via [ Profile Settings ] -> [ Teams ] -> [ Team Settings ]. You can then invite your team members by searching up for their username or by their email.

Can I play in a casual tournament rather than an ongoing league?

Casual players are advised to participate in Open Divisions. Alternatively, players can sign up for weeklies. Weeklies are matches that are played once per week, eg. every Thursday at 7pm. They’re not part of ongoing tournaments, but rather one-off events that allow you to get a taste of esports without committing to a full league which can last several weeks.


How do I submit a support ticket?

Once you have logged in, you can submit a support ticket here for any enquiries to do with website functionality, tournament administration or dispute queries.

What happens after I submit a support ticket?

An LPL Admin will respond to your support ticket and you will receive an email notification that your support ticket has been responded to. You can respond using the same support ticket accordingly.

How do I get quick or live assistance?

The best option for support is always submitting a support ticket via Alternatively, you can also head into the LPL Community Discord here and join the corresponding game channel for direct discussion with tournament administrators.